About Us

R2 Social Ltd. is a technology start-up incubator with the mission of empowering refugees. It was founded in 2018 by Ben Ng, a Vietnamese-born Chinese and former refugee. Ben left Vietnam as a “boat person” at 18, and subsequently spent months in a refugee camp before he was given refuge in Australia. This personal experience coupled with 18 years of success in the technology venture investment business has led him to form R2 Social.

The current dilemma is that there are 68.5 million displaced people worldwide. They cannot use their ideas or talents to become assets to society without proper opportunities. R2 Social exists to ensure that talent should be nurtured, not wasted. Our vision is to see refugee talents recognized, maximized, and transformed into assets to their host countries.

Our four main focuses are leading-edge digital technologies, refugees, entrepreneurship, and emerging markets. We work with tech startups, whose products and services will create positive impact for the refugee community. We also provide coding and entrepreneurship trainings to empower refugees to contribute productively to the tech industry and society.