Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we have been asked at R2 Social.

What is the significance of the name “R2 Social”?

The name R2 Social, pronounced “R-squared Social”, was chosen to signify our desire to create social impact as well as our backstory. Two of our three founders have refugee backgrounds and a great desire to help refugees. So the “R2” stands for “the power of refugees helping refugees.”

What is the significance of R2 Social’s logo?

Our logo combines our two focuses—tech and refugees. The coding brackets are in the shape of the letter "r" to emphasize on refugees. Add the two circles, and they becomes two refugees embracing one another. The color blue was chosen to symbolize water as it renews and gives life. Many refugees also have to cross oceans to escape prosecution and war, and find new life.

How is R2 Social helping refugees?

Most people have the impression that refugees only need daily necessities like food, clean water, and shelter. In actuality, they need all of those things and more. Apart from the daily essentials, they also need job training and rehabilitation. R2 Social aims to help them with the last mile.

There are humanitarian organizations already on the ground doing relief work. R2 Social’s goal is specifically to empower refugees through technology training, professional development, and job placement so that they can be self-sustainable and contribute positively to society.

There is both a desire from the refugees to receive tech training, and a current tech-talent shortage globally. Our approach is to leverage idle talent with world-class tech training to simultaneously fill the talent gap and provide employment for refugees.

Where will R2 Social be located?

R2 Social will focus on refugees in East Africa, before expanding to other parts of the world. We have partnered up with the Community Development Center (CDC), our refugee host, in Uganda to launch a pilot program at the end of 2019. We will set up a computer lab in Kampala, and another one in the Rhino Settlement Camp, approximately 500km outside of Kampala.

Uganda is ideal because it hosts approximately 1.4 million refugees, the most in Africa, and second to Turkey globally. It also has a “refugee-friendly” policy that allows refugees to leave the settlement camps and move into other parts of the country as long as they can be self-sustainable.

What is R2 Social’s business model?

We have a hybrid business model that seeks to empower refugees through technology, training, investments, and mentorship.

Training & Outsourcing: Partnering with world-renowned learning institutes, we recruit and train refugees—as well as a portion of the host population—in professional development and leading edge technologies like blockchain, AI, machine learning, and web development. After approximately six to eight months of rigorous training and coursework, we then outsource them remotely as full-time developers to companies around the world.

Incubation: Leveraging our global resources and mentors, we incubate tech startups and entrepreneurs in emerging markets. In addition to factors like innovation and growth-potential, the startups will be chosen and evaluated based on their ability to create social impact for refugees. An agreed-upon equity will be taken in exchange for capital input.

How can I partner with R2 Social?

We welcome hiring partners, training partners, and investment partners.

Hiring partners can be companies or organizations looking for tech-talent, and are interested in hiring our developers.

Training partners can be companies or institutions who have expertise in tech-training, especially in blockchain and AI.

Investment partners can be individuals or entities who are interested in creating social impact through an input of capital and resources.

Whether you fall into one or more of those categories, please get in touch to see how, together, we can shape a better future for the displaced population and the world.

If you have any more questions, or simply just have some ideas and suggestions for us, then please do not hesitate to contact us.